The Steiner Academy Hereford

The first government-funded Steiner school in the UK was born on the last day of the Hereford Waldorf School’s summer term! Holidays beckoned but not for us at Archetype Design; we had won the tender to re-brand and time was very tight. We set about gathering as many stakeholders as we could and together we explored the school’s identity. The end result of this wonderful collaboration was a new brand that evoked the values and character of the reborn school.

The roll-out included signage, website, parent handbook and prospectus; all had to be finished before the invigorated children returned for their Autumn term. The visual language we created looked both inwards and outwards, reflecting the new challenges the school faced.

Branding (logo) and printed brochure design for Steiner Academy Hereford by Archetype DesignBranding (logo) and printed brochure design for Steiner Academy Hereford by Archetype Design


The sacred ratio of 1:1.618 (The Golden Rectangle) is present in the proportions that underpin the elements of the identity. It is the number associated with natural harmony; it was discovered by Pythagoras, used by the Greeks and named ‘Sectio Aurea’ by Leonardo da Vinci. It is the proportion that gives us the nautilus shell, the spirals of a sunflower head, the Classical proportions of the Parthenon: thus, the logo combines symbolism, science and aesthetics – mind, body, spirit – the fundamental philosophy of the Steiner approach to education.

Branding and printed brochures for Steiner Academy Hereford by Archetype Design