Ruskin Mill Trust, UK

Our task was to design and build eight websites for the various Ruskin Mill centres spread across the UK. Each centre required its own facility to access and update their website while at the same time remaining true to the overall look and feel of the whole enterprise.

Screenshot of eight buttons on Ruskin Mill Trust's website

The primary function of each website is to reassure prospective parents that Ruskin Mill will take great care of their children. We decided the best way to convey this supportive and creative atmosphere was to represent the voice of the students themselves at the very top of the home page via film and we commissioned Grace Gibbons of Bounce Productions who made a rather wonderful video.

Three students at Ruskin Mill in Stroud

The website is facing two different audiences: on the one hand are various professionals such as funders and local authorities, and on the other are parents, carers and the students themselves. We evolved a visual language that is clean and uncluttered to convey professionalism, while imagery has been carefully chosen to show the heart, the passion, and the creativity of Ruskin Mill.

Ruskin Mill home page