Protimos, London

Protimos’ work with the poorest people in the world – particularly in Africa – is an inspiration. However, Protimos was aware that its branding looked tired. We helped them understand the key aspects of their identity and we then analysed the strengths and weaknesses of their branding.

On the positive side, the existing branding avoided many of the usual ‘helping hand’ clichés but it lacked incisiveness and certainly didn’t evoke the qualities of intelligence and clarity of purpose which are core elements of Protimos’ identity.

Protimos: comparing logos

Our redesign retained the connotations of green shoots and optimism but brought clarity to the shapes and strengthened the colours. The green palette shifted from green to blue-green, from the ‘natural’ to the ‘intellectual’.

We are aware that the redesign of the logo was just part of the need to create a stronger visual and verbal language. In rolling out print materials we demonstrated that the use of  bold typography and evocative photography can create authority.

 Leaflet, brouchure and print document design for Protimos by Archetype Design