Pop International Gallery, New York

The owner of the New York-based POP International Gallery wanted to convey the idea that their gallery is not only one of the best places to find original works of Pop Art, but also a place where the art community could gather, both literally and online. To convey this sense of ‘conversation’ we designed the home page to have cheeky, animated speech bubbles – each representing an artist.

Pop International gallery website by Archetype Design

The site had to carry a mass of information: thousands of artists’ work, artists’ profiles, and buying and selling information. We held this riot of imagery in a cool, clean structure. 

An unusual aspect of the job was that the client wanted control over all the content and the layout, so a normal Content Management System was not viable as the gallery personnel could not deal with code. Our solution was to use a super flexible, drag-and-drop system. The advantage was ease of use; the disadvantage was that the designers (us!) could not control the design over time.