Mokoro, Oxford

Mokoro is an international development consultancy working to improve the wellbeing of poor and vulnerable people, by supporting sustainable economic and social development. Its consultants have built up a reputation for being skilled, caring and unruffled in times of crisis.

They recognised their branding was looking amateurish and their website not fit for purpose so they commissioned us to review their identity and redesign their branding and website.

Their logo was a roughly-drawn image of a mokoro (a traditional African boat) and, through the process of exploring their identity with them, we realised the beautiful appropriateness of a mokoro’s unruffled movements as it glided through sometimes treacherous waters.

Mokoro logos comparedThe old logo had a high degree of recognition in the countries where Mokoro consultants work and our brief was to keep a strong visual link with the old while evoking the professionalism and unique character of the organisation.

The website was complex and overgrown and it needed restructuring and a new design that reflected the colour and vibrancy of Mokoro’s unique approach.

Corporate Identity Mokoro